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With over 50 years of experience working in Ghana, F. Malawi Engineering Company Ltd. is your best partner and one-stop shop navigating the waters of the West African country’s business in consulting, project management and local support services.

The company’s core business in the early years consisted mainly of marketing a range of electronic and electrical appliances and equipment. Our area of coverage grew steadily with operations in key cities across the country. Today, our wide range of services cover the entire country.

F. Malawi Engineering Company Ltd started in Kumasi, in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, as a privately owned commercial enterprise in 1959. F. Malawi Company, as it was then known, had as its core business in the marketing of electronic and electrical appliances and equipment. F. Malawi Company’s products included Radios, Phonographs, 90-Volt batteries and spares for the products sold.

As demand increased exponentially, more products were introduced to the market and branches were opened in other parts of Ghana.

In 1970, F. Malawi Company was incorporated as F. Malawi Engineering Company Limited. Assembling of home appliances – Gas Cookers and Electric Standing Fans - under the brand name Malaco, was introduced. However between 1977 and 1982 assembling operations were suspended due to economic difficulties in Ghana.

In 1983 F. Malawi Engineering Co. Ltd. became the sole distributor of Royal Philips BV of the Netherlands when the parent company decided to cease direct operations in Ghana. The assumption of the sole distributorship of Philips changed the character of its business and the entire complexion of its product portfolio. F. Malawi Engineering Co. Ltd. promptly assumed the responsibilities originally carried out by Philips, and trained its human resources to the standards to accord with its new status.

The company grew rapidly, in a bid to meet the extraordinary demand for Philips products at the time. Consequently, in 1984, assembling of appliances for the local market, including Philips TVs and F. Malawi branded Malaco gas cookers re-commenced. F. Malawi’s product portfolio had, at this time grown to include Consumer Electronics, Business Communication Systems, Security, Public Address and other Professional Equipment. Over the years, F. Malawi Engineering Company Ltd saw its market share in all areas increase, and established a lasting reputation of providing quality service in the highly competitive professional equipment market.

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